Formula Isn’t Cheap – Find Coupons!

Any mother who has had an infant that needed formula knows that formula is definitely not cheap. The cost can add up really quickly, and it can put a ...


Any mother who has had an infant that needed formula knows that formula is definitely not cheap. The cost can add up really quickly, and it can put a serious dent in the wallets of new parents. There’s a reason grocery stores have started putting the stuff behind locked glass cases in the baby aisle. It is so expensive that some people have even resorted to stealing it. All this, just to feed your baby? It seems ludicrous, doesn’t it? Your child needs to eat, but formula just isn’t affordable. Luckily I’m here to help you find the best Enfamil coupons and other baby formula coupons available.

There are tons of websites out there that offer all kinds of promotions such as Enfamil coupons and other baby formula coupons, you just have to find them, but that can be a challenge. There are also a lot of companies that are eager to send out coupon packs and free samples to new moms which can include Enfamil coupons and baby formula coupons. It’s just a matter of finding the right websites and companies with which to do business. All of these freebies are out there waiting for you, you just have to know where to find them!

If you go to the website for a lot of different formulas, you will find baby formula coupons. If you go to the Similac website, you can join their StrongMoms community for free and receive not only free formula samples and baby formula coupons in the mail, but also Shutterfly birth announcements, a weekly pregnancy journal, breastfeeding resources and breast milk storage bottles and a free Similac baby organizer. That’s a lot of stuff just for one free membership, don’t you think?

If you visit the Enfamil website, you can join their Family Beginnings program and receive not only Enfamil coupons totaling up to sixty dollars in savings on Enfamil products, but also free samples of products from the Enfamil Staged Nutrition line and monthly emails with expert advice and nutrition information as well as up to two hundred and fifty dollars in free gifts, once again, all for free. Can you believe these companies are giving this stuff away to new moms? Everyone should know about this! You can save so much money, not only with baby formula coupons and Enfamil coupons but with all the swag they are sending you, like baby bags and organizers.

If you go to the Gerber website and join the Nestle’ Start Healthy Stay Healthy resource program, you will receive baby formula coupons in the mail, booklets about child development, emails specific to your child’s developmental stage and access to online tools and videos. Gerber also has a New Mom Backpack offer which, if you are delivering at a participating hospital, allows you to print out a gift certificate for a free backpack featuring an interior bottle pocket, divided compartments, an exterior pocket, a big zipper pocket, and a sample of Gerber’s Good Start baby formula, once again, all for free.

Beyond the offers for new mom clubs, if you visit the Enfamil website, there are also a ton of Enfamil coupons for formula. There are all types of Enfamil coupons for babies at all stages of development, so if you are planning to feed your baby Enfamil formula, that is a great place to check out for Enfamil coupons. There are tons of different free certificates, Enfamil formula coupons as well as different products for expecting and new moms, all totally free. It is amazing how many baby formula coupons they are giving away on this website.

There are other websites besides the corporate websites for baby formula brands that offer all sorts of baby formula coupons including Enfamil coupons, swag, magazines, samples and information to expectant and new moms. If you visit, you can get free samples of Enfamil and Enfamil coupons, copies of American Baby and FitPregnancy magazine, and tons of other savings and swag. They work with major companies to bring you all the best free gifts and baby formula coupons available. has a similar concept. For a free membership, you get free stuff including interactive tools, expert articles and videos, printable grocery coupons and week by week pregnancy and new baby email newsletters. New members even receive a free 8×10 photo canvas from Canvas People.

With all these free coupons and samples available to new mothers, there is definitely time to be made to find savings for you and your family. Everything is expensive nowadays, especially new babies, but when you have a whole family to support, the cost can be such a nightmare that you don’t even know how you’re going to handle it. The good news is, help is out there, you just have to do a little legwork.

There are a lot more free offers to be had on the internet. Be looking constantly on formula websites and new mom websites for offers and samples. Take advantage of every kind of coupon you can, even rebates. Those rebate checks add up faster than you think. Don’t lose hope and look every single day. If you find coupons, share the info with the other new moms you know and spread the love. Next time they find a good deal, they will likely share it with you as well. Read weekly store sales circulars carefully and look for formula sales.

Another important thing to mention is that if you use a store bonus or rewards card and frequently purchase formula, make an account on the store website for printable coupons of items you frequently buy and you will probably get lots of formula coupons as well as coupons for other baby stuff like diapers, wipes, food and bottles. If you know where to look, you can save a lot of money on formula and other baby products. The resources are out there, as evidenced by this post. Just keep looking around to find the best deals, and happy couponing!